About Jane


Jane Meagher has overcome many challenges in her life. Throughout her younger years, she endured various forms of parental abuse. Undiagnosed childhood attention deficit and hyperactive disorder (ADHD) made it hard to focus and concentrate in school, and she was labeled lazy. She knew she was more intelligent than many of her peers, but instead struggled.

At 14 Jane encountered alcohol as an exhilarating experience. After two drinks she felt her brain slowing down and could focus, easing social anxiety. Jane self-medicated this way for over three decades. Despite this, she was able to achieve many successes in her professional career.

Ultimately, Jane was correctly diagnosed with complex-PTSD and ADHD, prescribed the correct medication, and has not used alcohol for over twenty years. Understanding, professional help, medication, and determination to overcome adversity has rewarded Jane with success and insight into hardship that she is compelled to share with others who struggle.