Understanding Alcoholism

It is so hard for people who do not have an addiction to understand those who do. Until her dying day, my Mother refused to believe I was an Alcoholic. She saw alcoholics as homeless people in back lanes drinking out of paper bags….

Drunk Driving in Canada – Do The Consequences Fit The Crime?

Drunk Driving sentences must be tougher in Canada

Drunk Driving is an irresponsible, potentially murderous crime. It is estimated that roughly 1,000 people are killed by drunk drivers every year in Canada, and in 2010 and estimated 63,821 were injured. Yet, in my humble opinion, the punishment for this crime is completely…

Does Alcoholics Anonymous Work?


This morning I was watching a very interesting debate on a media channel as to whether A.A. works. I found myself getting really frustrated with some of the dialogue and assumptions by the three individuals involved. One woman was a Psychotherapist, one woman had…